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Newspaperwala is a platform for publishers who are willing to get their content online in the form of e-papers and digital articles via newspaper pdf directly. It has an advanced version that provides multiple benefits including but not limited to mobile applications, live reporting, analytics, and AI features for effective CMS.

Auto-generated AI Enabled Responsive Website

Content management via newspaper pdf extraction, cropping, and category selection on mouse-click digital publishing

Integrated Custom Mobile App

Custom mobile application covering all local, category based and breaking news update on runtime with live reporting facilities

Social Media, SEO and Analytics support

Sharing of published stories, breaking news, editorials via social media, SEO analytics for public responses and news follow-ups

Publisher E-paper CMS System

Decision on which content to publish, frequency for story development and listing of print media news for digital publication, and follow-ups

Advertising Management and Revenue

Joint and multiple channel advertising panel which covers both local and corporate level advertising and subscription revenues

Help & FAQ

Digital publishing refers to the distribution of content, such as newspapers, magazines, and other publications, in digital formats. This includes online platforms, mobile apps, and other electronic mediums.

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Why Choose Us?

Newspaperwala is the subsidiary of news track-live, a digital media publication for a decade. We understand your hurdles better than any tech platforms across the globe.

Customer Centric

Largest Search Engine of News publishers in India Local to vocal publishing help regional news at state level, national-international level Geo-location Sharing for local breaking coverage

Publisher Specific

Fully Automated Centralized News Database Management Vice-Versa News Sharing Geo-location mapping Mouse click CMS through PDF news extraction Reporter Live Publishing

Product Focused

Responsive website Epaper CMS on mouse clicks social media integration, SEO, and data-analytics Integrated custom mobile application Multi-channel Advertising Management

Mutual Success

Platform to become an efficient print, vocal and digital News Media Cost reduction on digital technologies Unique Collaborative Business Model for Revenue increase

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NewsPaperWala is a leading provider of news, information and entertainment across broadcast television, mobile platforms, digital media and print media serving consumers and advertisers in strong local markets, primarily in the Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh states.

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